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Be it commercials, PSAs, web videos, political ads, museum programs, or event videos, I find the best way to present story and information in an engaging way. My focus on storytelling leads me to be the creative director on many projects and continues to grow my abilities well beyond the lens to include conceptualization and execution of immersive multi-channel campaigns.



Director - Producer Reel

Sometimes practical effects just look better.


USPS wanted customers to use the newly redesigned version of their premiere online shipping tool, Click-N-Ship®. The ad agency team and I collaborated on a creative concept that focused on the simplicity of the shipping tool. The result was "Flip Steps".


I wanted to create a seamless visual transition entirely in-camera, so we built a huge flipping table with set dressing attached to each of the four sides. It was a challenging dance of coordination that relied heavily on my directing and producing skills. In the end, simplicity was achieved through well-planned complexity.


Flip Steps: Behind the Scenes

USPS: More Than A Box

Flip Steps: Photo Gallery 

Museums are experiences


Creating immersive experiences inspires visitors' thoughts and leads them to make connections that they never knew existed. "Systems At Work" engages visitors in an epic presentation of a subject that, at first, might seem mundane to many. The goal was to create a fun, exciting, and stylized adventure through the tech-savvy process of getting mail where it needs to go.


Smithsonian - Systems At Work


I developed the creative concept then produced and directed the project. The centerpiece of the exhibit is the resulting film presentation projected on a massive 270º cylindrical screen.


An exciting presentation of ideas to drive sales


The USPS sales team needed engaging materials to sell their services to a variety of industries. I developed three short films that are told from the perspective of these industries and suggest how mail can work for them within a modern context.



These short films are presented at USPS trade show booths on massive screens. We also developed an accompanying tablet app that the sales team uses to engage potential customers one-on-one after the main presentation. Example mail pieces were also created as collateral materials for customers to take back to decision-makers at their respective businesses.

I managed all creative aspects of the film production, app development, and print design. It is a unique, cohesive package that continues to help USPS drive sales.


Keeping people safe with creativity


It all started with dogs chasing (and biting) mail carriers. The shocking reality was that thousands of carriers are injured by this kind of incident every year. At the same time, there were plenty of other safety related incidents that needed attention as well. USPS asked me to design a campaign surrounding keeping their employees and the public safe. After reviewing mountains of actual incident reports, I devised a simple, clear, and shocking creative approach to presenting the danger in certain situations and tips to prevent potential incidents.



This was the first time I got to work with dogs and a stunt team. We hired dogs that worked on shows like "House of Cards" and many others. Our stunt team was one of the best on the east coast. I learned so much on this production. The biggest reward was knowing that the result of my work would help prevent people getting hurt. 


Motion graphics effectively illustrate intangible ideas, visualize data, and make connections for viewers. My approach to motion design stems from my perspective as a filmmaker. I frequently use sweeping 3D camera movements and kinetic animation of graphic elements.I like to make use of practically filmed and scanned elements to add realism, texture, and depth to my designs.